COREcourse – IN HIM Realities (Digital download)


What does it mean to be In Him? The phrases in the New Testament – in Him, in Whom,by Him, through Him, because of Him, in Christ, through Christ, in My Name and so on are clues to who God has made us when we were born again and became new creatures in Christ.

You will find out who you are in yourself which is a big difference from who you are In Him. If a person doesn’t know who they are In Christ they will never fulfill their God given destiny or purpose. Who you are In Christ is revealed in the Epistles, which is written to the believers – the Saints. You will learn how and what happens when you become a new creature In Christ. What does it mean to be righteous, accepted and complete in Him. How His choosing you has set you apart and given you champion status – empowered and equipped by Him.

What about healing, prosperity and the blessing? You will find out how being In Him impacts these areas of our life too. You will also learn about the love of God and how He has positioned you to win because of the nature of Love Himself.

Many Christians are stumbling through life because they don’t know who they are and how to live from that place. It is time to step up and enjoy life the way God has designed it for you and glorify Jesus through it.

Buy this course and begin to learn who you are In Christ and how to operate and enjoy life from that place.



This is a 6 session course and is roughly 6 hours in length.

This course includes a 10 page PDF and 6 mp3 audios of each session.

The 10 page PDF syllabus has fill in the blanks to help you learn and stay engaged.


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