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Why we are doing it   –   SOTERIA


The words translated Salvation in both the Greek (Soteria) and Hebrew can also be translated as: deliverance, healing, rescue, preserved, health, safety, save, make whole, liberty, avenged, prosperity & get the victory.

Romans 10:8-13 tells us that the Word of God, our answer is as close to us as our heart and our mouth. Meaning we can experience the answers for our life as we receive the Word of God (the Bible) by putting it in our heart and our mouth. Verse 10 tells us we believe the Word with our heart and confess the Word with our mouth and the result is SOTERIA – salvation, healing, safety, deliverance, prosperity and victory in every area of our lives. The apostle Paul tells us in verse 8 that they preached or proclaimed the word of faith, the gospel, the Word of God to produce this kind of salvation wherever they went.

These are the benefits or results that we expect to grow and develop in others by the teaching, speaking and publishing of His Word.

So our mission statement is –
Proclaiming the Word of Faith unto Soteria


What does it look like.


Build the Church
Train the Saints
Edify the Body of Christ
Advance the Kingdom of God

 Eph 4:11-16 – Perfecting the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ

1  To teach Christians who they are in Christ and how they can live and enjoy the victorious, abundant life He bought for them.

2  To encourage, inspire and excite the hungry and discontented by teaching the truth of God’s Word.

3  To make Partnership available. Those who become partners become Word Senders.

A Word Sender:

– Helps us accomplish this through teaching, preaching and publishing
– Sends us to the nations.
– Reaps in the harvest and rewards of the fruitful ministry of JLM.