COREcourse – Dealing with Discouragement (Digital download)


Are you troubled, vexed, feeling beat down and scared? What about dismayed or harassed by grief, disease and confusion?

Discouragement is not something we have on our Christmas list and are asking for yet it still tries to come and hang out with us. What can we do or is there anything we can do?

Come join us for an exciting study in the Word of God and get yourself free from discouragement and the harassment that is attached to it.

Get this 6 hr course to find out the answers to these questions and more.

You will learn:
What discouragement is.
How it comes and what opens the door to it?
What is the opposite of discouragement.
How to combat discouragement.
How to enjoy a life of courage and confidence.



This is a 6 session course and is roughly 6 hours in length.

This course includes a 8 page PDF and 6 mp3 audios of each session.

The 8 page PDF syllabus has fill in the blanks to help you learn and stay engaged.


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