COREcourse – A Servant’s Heart (Digital download)


The Holy Spirit prophesies about a coming Servant in Is. 42:1 and then in Matt 12:9-21 He reveals to us that it is Jesus. Jesus is our example and He assumed the guise of a servant and became a man. He said, “I came not to be ministered to (served) but to minister (serve) and give My life a ransom for many.”

Jesus tells us that we cannot serve two masters and Joshua testifies that as for him and his house they will serve the Lord. We also have this same choice and a wise person will choose to serve God and put Him first.

We will touch on three areas of service – one, to serve God, two, to serve others and three, to serve in the local church. We then close by looking at leaders – they too must be servants in order to succeed.

We are children of God and also, out of love and respect, we choose to serve God our Father in heaven. There are a number of ways we can serve God and one of those ways is to serve Him by getting to know Him better through intimacy with Him – in His Word and prayer.

Paul revealed (in Acts 27:23 … the God of whose I am and whom I serve…) that He served God all the time. When I read this scripture years ago the Holy Spirit impressed on me that this is not just when people are watching or can pat us on the back but is something we do even when no one is watching. The God of whose I am and WHOM I SERVE. The blessing is on the servant who is found watching and doing (Luke 12:35-44). Watching what? Watching, waiting, learning, hearing and receiving from the Lord and then doing what He shows and reveals to us.

Second, we are to serve or love others. We are called ambassadors, representing our King and His kingdom, our Father and His family to those around us. We are not to serve others above God but serve God first and then others.

Thirdly, we are to serve in the local church. I think a lot of people still have the idea that the preacher is to do the work and they are to enjoy the “show.” The way God has set it up is made clear to us in Eph 4:7-16. The purpose of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher is to perfect, mature and help the saints grow. So they (the saints) can do the work of the ministry which causes the edifying and growth of the Body of Christ. Rev 2:19 tells us Jesus is personally watching our service or lack thereof – revealing to us that it is important to Him.

In 1 Cor 16:15 they were devoted or addicted to serving in their local church. We can too if we will change our mindset to serve God and love people and help our pastor fulfill the God given vision he has received from God.

Finally, Jesus taught that to be great or first in the Kingdom of God we must be servants.

Let me encourage you with Col 4:12 & 17 – we pray that you walk perfect and complete in all the will of God and take heed to the ministry or service that God has given you that you fulfill it. This is the Good Life that God has prearranged and made ready for us to live.



This is a 6 session course and is roughly 6 hours in length.

This course includes a 16 page PDF and 6 mp3 audios (1 of each session.)

The 16 page PDF syllabus has fill in the blanks to help you learn and stay engaged.


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