COREcourse – The Person of the Holy Spirit (Digital download)


Is the Holy Spirit a person or just an influence or natural force?

Can you talk to Him, be instructed by Him, warned and guided by Him? How can He be a part of your everyday life? What are the benefits of His being a part of your daily life?

The Holy Spirit has been sent to help us – without His help we are all just groping around in the dark so to speak. Why be stuck in life just depending on ourselves and our limited abilities and resources when Jesus sent us the mighty Holy Spirit to come along side us and help.

We will get into this and more in this 6 hour course.

In this course you will learn:
Who He is
His part in being born again and filled
He is our helper
Being led by Him
The fruit or results of being united with Him
His manifestations



This is a 6 session course and is roughly 6 hours in length.

This course includes a 14 page PDF and 6 mp3 audios of each session.

The 14 page PDF syllabus has fill in the blanks to help you learn and stay engaged.


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