COREcourse – ACTIVE BELIEVING – Getting Results (Digital download)


Getting results is what we are all want. Why do some people get more than others? Why did Jesus have such success in the results arena? Did those ministered to by Jesus in the New Testament and those ministered to by the prophets in the Old Testament have anything to do with the results they experienced or was it just the “luck of the draw” so to speak?

This course takes you from the what is faith of the first COREcourse to the How do I use it now. Getting consistent results doesn’t happen by accident – it is on purpose and intentional.

Faith without works or corresponding action is dead or dies the apostle James said. I don’t know about you but I want my faith to work and produce not be dead and unproductive.

You don’t want to miss this course on faith especially if you took the first course Faith and Believing.



This is a 6 session course and is roughly 6 hours in length.

This course includes a 9 page PDF and 6 mp3 audios of each session.

The 9 page PDF syllabus has fill in the blanks to help you learn and stay engaged.


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